Version 2 released! Receiving feedback!

Version 2 released! Receiving feedback!

Its been three months after releasing the first version of Remind My Life and I have had lots of feedback. What is feedback? feedback is defined as information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement. Can I just say, thank you! I have had some amazing people download my application from financial advisors to other app developers. Doctors, nurses, tradies, friends, mothers, fathers, students and entrepreneur’s. It has been exciting to hear that you have downloaded it and even more what you have discovered, liked and disliked about Remind My Life application.

Here is some of the feedback…..

Some of the negative feedback I received has been sheri I downloaded it and then I didn’t know what to do….oops pretty big oversight by me. Instructional screens missing for first time users loading before the dash board, app too highly priced at $4.49, over 2800 impressions and only 43 downloads, Sheri the screens are taking too long to load, I’ve had multiple notification sent for reminders set. So it’s fair to say, I missed the mark on a few things with the release of the first version.

Some of the positives I’ve received, ‘it’s more than an app its a time awareness tool, I didn’t realised how set in my routine I was’, ‘I discovered I was only exercising for 12 mins when I thought I was doing 20’, ‘ I’ve lost 10kg since changing my life style’, ‘I can see that meditation was missing from my routine and could really help reduce my stress’ and ‘I really love looking at my stats’.

So what is the Remind My life application? and what have I done with your valuable feedback?

So I’l start with what is Remind My Life application first. Remind My Life application is a lifestyle guide, designed to balance your time with health in mind. It is simple and easy to use. The application counts how long you spend your time in each area of your life. With one simple tap you can start tracking your time. Once you have done this you can use this information to increase your awareness around your daily habits and increases your ability to improve your lifestyle.

I have simplified life into 6 areas. Sleep, Exercise, Food, Work, Meditation and Free Time. Each area of life has it’s own positive affirmation and simple tap and track system. Using this simple system to tap and track every minute of the day. You will gain powerful insights to your daily habits and routines. Which you can use to improve your lifestyle.

Time management can be challenging at the best of times. By breaking up life into 6 areas you can simplify life and improve your time management. Having only six areas to worry about will decrease stress and increase your focus and attention on the tasks at hand.

In the background for the technically minded, time has been weighted, calculated and divided into 6 equally important areas to simplify life:
Work, Food, Exercise, Meditation, Free time and Sleep.

It uses three colour based indications to help organise your life.
Green: Yes, you are doing great.
Orange: You are doing okay
Red: Oh no, you could definitely work on this.

What I have discovered is if you take control of your routine, you can improve your attention, communication, increase productivity, relationships, task outcomes and stay on track to achieving your lifestyle goals.

Remind My Life stats allows you to analyse your stats daily, weekly or monthly. Plan your day and check your balance. Implement change instantly and improve your lifestyle one area
at a time.

Features within the app include positive affirmations, one tap tracking of where you spend your time, setting reminders for planning your day, checking your balance, colour indicators for instant feedback with integrated calendar colour feedback. Stats tracking for easy analysis and push notifications to keep you on track.

Tracking how you spend your time will create awareness and insight into your everyday day life and routine. You can implement change and restore balance if needed. Setting reminders will help you achieve your goals and keep you on track to achieving your health and lifestyle goals.

So that’s a little bit about the application, so what have I done with your valuable feedback?

I have tested, updated and worked with my amazing team of coders to fix the problems. I have tested again and updated and worked some more with my amazing team of coders and then I’ve tested some more and finally released version 2!! Yeah!! People in the industry say apps are never finished. And Ive starting to believe it. Im sure there will be further testing and updates that will follow. But Im really hoping I have made it closer to the mark this time and satisfied questions you may have had.

I have started a blog with tips and ideas to balance your life. You will be able to see previous articles before this one by going to the blog section of my website I have also implemented Instructional screens to load for first time users before loading the dash board, I have increase the speed of the loading screens by working with my amazing technical team to speed things up, I have fixed the bugs that send multiple notification for the same reminder. And finally as Remind My Life app remains a no advertising app, I have reduce the price to $1.49.

So some final thoughts on feedback, the second version and a request. Firstly feedback, I love it. I find it interesting, motivating and inspiring. It activates the action man in me, so thank you. The second version, I really hope Im closer to the mark and finding your enjoyment of monitoring your lifestyle and implementing changes to create balance. And lastly a request! If you have reached this point can you please like and share my post. One thing missing from my app is iTunes review! If you can find the time which there should be plenty of it now as you have downloaded and started using Remind My Life…no seriously can you please give me an uber 5 stars and a review on the iTunes store. I would love to get enough reviews so my app is rated. Thank you so much.

Lastly this application is a guide and is not meant to replace seeking one on one assistance or guidance from a health professional or lifestyle coach but to be used to compliment and encourage you along the way. For more information visit

All the information on our website is free, so we welcome Donations to cover the administration and running costs. Thank you, we really appreciate all of your love, support and encouragement to continue.

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