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Five steps to keeping your new years resolution!!

Five steps to keeping your new years resolution!!

Make a new years resolution! Don’t be scared, throw your hat over the wall, its fun and can be exciting! 2018 should be the best year, set up by your new years resolutions! So why is it, after years of making them that, they don’t get lit?!

Understanding why is key to Success! Did you know that when you make a newyears resolution you are shining a light on the problem! Nothing wrong with that. Because when you shine a light on an area of life you want to change, everything about that will show up. Say for instance you want to care less about what people think or want to get engaged and he is not asking or you simply want to be less annoyed at people. Its like the opposite happens. People start to annoy you, he never asks you to marry him and everyones opinions are on loud speaker. lol So how do we make it to the other side?

Start by putting what you want out into the universe, be brave and tell people what you wish for. Get it out there, take a risk and share what you want! Its in the conversations youtransform!

Success is in creating a new way of being or saying to deal with what you want, ‘the not caring’, ‘being engaged’ and ‘being annoyed’ like replacing it with the thoughts that ‘I am free to be and act anyway I want, Im free’, ‘if you like it put a ring on it’ or ‘Im flexible and adaptable’. Being able to shake off peoples opinions like throwing a grain of salt over your shoulder is key. If you can bring no attachment to the outcome and focus on yourself and your own thoughts you will succeed!! Here are the five steps to keeping your new years resolution;

Step 1 Make a new years resolution

Step 2 Tell someone about it so you are in the conversation to change

Step 3 Get ready for it to show up everywhere

Step 4 Create a new way of being or saying to overcome or replace old thoughts

Step 5 Repeat.

For tips and tricks visit my website & download the remindmylife app on itunes!

Love, Health and Success to you all for 2018!

Sheridan x

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Does freedom come from organisation? Start the new year with a spring clean!

Does freedom come from organisation? Start the new year with a spring clean!

Does freedom come with organisation? When I googled Freedom, freedom the furniture store came up but thats not the freedom I want to talk about today. The freedom I want to talk about doesn’t come from doing nothing either. Freedom is by definition to act, speak, or think as one wants? And who here feels like you have so much going on that freedom has become a distant friend. What if freedom could be obtained through organisation? Even just a little bit. What if for the next few days before this year ends you just focused on getting organised. Would that mean you would have more freedom?

Here are a few of my tips for getting organised for 2018.

Start with spring cleaning the house, yep the bathroom, kitchen and lounge. Get the mop and bucket out, dust and clean the house. Allow at least-3 hours of free time to do this.

Have a break then, head to the bedroom. Go directly to the closet. Get ruthless, pull out and tidy up your clothes and donate a bag to charity. You will feel great and if you haven’t wore it in the last two years, its likely you wont in the next.

For those of you traditionally shopping at the boxing day sales now reading this, go treat yourself to some new sheets. Going to sleep in new sheets is a great way to start a healthy sleep habit for the new year and clean out the closet when you get home.

Okay you are half way there. Keep going you are doing fantastic!! Now for the big one head to your desk or should I say virtual desk. Yes the one with all the emails, papers and bills, the one you have been wanting to ignore. Go through them, delete them, sign them, pay them, address them. And if you can’t deal with them put them in order and start dealing with them one at a time, starting tomorrow. But get it done before the year is out. You have time!

Have something to eat now you deserve it. But keep the momentum going and whilst you are standing there with the door open clean out all of the out of date food and dressings you have in there. Look in the cupboard too, wipe them out and group things together so there is space to see what you have.

Now its time for a walk, take the kids out of the house for an hour and try spot a few birds in the trees, listen for their whistles. They are there trust me. And when you get home run yourself a bath or have a shower, the point is to take time out for yourself, manscape, paint your nails.

Lastly, poor yourself your favorite drink and pat yourself on the back. You deserve it! Hopefully you are now starting to get a sense of freedom, even if it’s just a little bit.

Lots of love

Sheri x

All the information on our website is free, so we welcome Donations to cover the administration and running costs. Thank you, we really appreciate all of your love, support and encouragement to continue.

Habits! What’s holding us back? ….

Habits! What’s holding us back? ….

Habits! What’s holding us back? What is the desired lifestyle? For me its being able to do what I want when I want and have the health, ability, energy, money, freedom and time to do it.

So what holds us back? Is it our current jobs? Is it our current routines? Is it the people around us? What is it? Are you frustrated and feel like you are going around in circles? Like life is like ground hog day. Do you have a bunch of ideas, struggle to relax and enjoy your children, struggling to find a moment for yourself to recharge, watch the latest episode of stranger things, orange is the new black or house of cards on netflix’s. When did you take time out to meditate, exercise or have sex? Have you neglected your health whilst raising your children or chasing your career. Is it time to get things back in shape?

There is no time like the present. Most of our day is unconscious habits made up years ago. I get it, I get the frustration you can’t change something we don’t know about or are unconscious too. We have apps to track your calories and your finances. However why hasn’t there been an app to track the most important thing in your life, your time. All successful people know that time is the most valuable asset they have. The good news is as a registered nurse and qualified personal trainer I really got the value of how precious time is and how quickly it can be taken away and I created RemindMyLife application which tracks your most valuable asset, your time.

So why would tracking what you already doing, be helpful. Well knowing what you are doing is the most powerful access you will have to making any change to your daily habits you have, because after all most of what you do everyday is habit. Habits that you have adopted over years of conditioning, good or bad we have them. So how does it work?? Im excited to bring you Remindmylife an app to track time. Simple tap and track your daily habits from the moment you wake up til the time you go to sleep.

Track for 6-8 weeks to see the routine patterns of your life. With this valuable insight to your life you can then choose to keep or change habits that don’t serve you anymore. If you master your day you will master your life.

For me the most important thing in life is to create as much free time, so I can have the energy and freedom to do what I enjoy. So to do that I have broken life down into 6 important areas to take care of to support the lifestyle I want to lead. Work to make finances, Sleep to regenerate each night, Food to provide my body with the nutrients its needs to keep performing, Exercise for strength, agility and tone to maintain my ideal body shape and support the activities I love to do, Meditation to clear my mind and Free Time to do what I want when I want.

Here is six simple steps you can use to change your daily habits!

Step 1. Tap and track your routine. The key to change is knowing what needs to change. Tap and track your daily routines with remindmylife application, a diary or a calendar. Use what works best for you.

Step 2. Choose what you want to change. I suggest one thing at a time. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself by trying to change too many things at once. Once you have chosen.

Step 3. Have the conversation’s around what you want to change with all involved parties and why.

Step 4. Write down why you want to change and post it everywhere, set reminders using remindmylife app, write it on a post it, put it on the wall, put it next to the toilet, where you wake up, put it on your screen saver and at your work desk.

Step 5. Make the change and immediately take the action.

Step 6. Consistently take the action everyday to create your new habit.