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Sheridan is the owner of Remind My Life Ptd Ltd and creator of Remind My Life APP and lifestyle guide. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Nursing and Master Personal Trainer at the Australian Institute of Fitness. She has 20 years experience as a health professional. Sheridan is innovative, mindful, resourceful and creative and has dedicated her professional life to making a difference to others. Through her experience she has developed ways to be mindful, efficient and balanced and is passionate about sharing her ideas and supporting others to live a harmonious life with more awareness around where time is spent, better health and mindfulness. Sheridan created Remind my life to encourage you to stop and take action to create a lifestyle you will love. By using the remindmylife app and colour codes as a guide (green for success, orange for ok and red for needs your attention), you can balance your time in blocks of time with your health in mind. You will be able to create time for yourself with your new found awareness and structure your day by using the friendly reminders that simplify life into 6 areas (Work, Exercise, Food, Sleep, Meditation and Free) enabling you to focus on what is important to you and to look after yourself. She is currently studying to be a meditation teacher and you will notice a pivot and inclusion of further digital products with the addition of our Shop called RML -Relaxed Mindful Living.
When you don’t want to pick up the phone….

When you don’t want to pick up the phone….

When you don’t want to pick up the phone….So shit has gotten really real since we moved back to the city. I can’t get a job doing what Im trained to do because of the stupid not saying it and Im struggling to apply myself to one of the other many digital remote things I know how to do because its a long game, meaning its not financially variable right now to put too much effort in. So I find myself flipping from one thing to the next. It’s the kind of work that needs consistent effort and focus to gain traction to then gain a wage.

I feel so frustrated, we need instant capital to grow our businesses and advertising and today I really didn’t want to pick up the phone and call my old boss and beg for a job, but in the end I did. But first I chickened out and sent an email. A totally in effective action as it will probably be lost in the hundreds of emails everyone receives on a daily bases. But I sent it and after I sent it I realised how in effective this action was and dialled her number anyway. So Im dialing and she didn’t pick up. I felt insignificant, rejected and thought ‘maybe she doesn’t want to speak to me.’ Why would she? she hasn’t heard from me in years and the first she does is via an email and a token call where I don’t leave a msg.

Flipping the coin now, its possible she is busy, maybe even swimming in this hot weather and doesn’t have her phone on her. Maybe my call put a smile on her face. She hasn’t heard from me in a while and is wondering how Im do? anything is possible!! So I have called and emailed so at the very least she will notice and I trust I will receive a response. Now it’s time to let it go. And put a follow up in for three days time just in case I don’t hear from her. Oh it is so easy to start sliding down the slippery slop when you feel like the cards are stacked against you and the bills keep mounting up.

I choose not to go out of action and stay in action by writing it down. Because I know if its written down its no longer with me and it’s out of my head. That goes for a list of jobs, a list of repeated thoughts. So even the reminder to call my old boss in three days time. It is written down. So I don’t have to keep thinking about it. Its in my diary I will see it on Friday if I don’t hear from her before then. I highly recommend writing down all annoying thoughts haha.

So time to refocus, just took an enquiry call. What’s the plan from now, complete this blog. Pat myself on the back for what Ive achieved today. Im patting myself on the back for sending out a job application, sending the email, making the call, creating a whole work uniform line which Ive sent to the client, called them about it and posted about it to create more leads. Set up shopify, chased up two invoices and completed our finances.

My day started with a list and has ended with a list with lines through it. Its nearly time for me to go collect my boys from childcare. But I have two more jobs to complete at the postoffice and for my mum. I have fired up my designrr program so I can write a book tonight. The plan is set, no distractions now excepted for playing and looking after my kids til they fall asleep.

I really hope that sharing this will help show the power of writing a list and what you can achieve in one day and the importance of picking up the phone and making the call so you are not lost in a hundred emails of insignificance. Lists and phone calls guys, lists and phone calls.

Stay in action!

Love Always




REMIND MY LIFE (RML) was created 8 years ago to bring awareness around time and being present. How precious time and life is. More than ever I still feel this is the case. Living a created life rather than one you have fallen into is one of the biggest challenges we face today. As the system grooms us into being and acting a certain way. We end up going with the flow and not always in the direction one was born to take. And as I have gotten older I have gone through an up skill as I recreate my life to be doing something that I love rather than ‘aww you would be a good nurse.’ Which is training to be a meditation teacher and wholistic coach. Only taken me twenty years to wake up, but better late than never.

And as a company we have gone on a bit of a journey too. Learning about new digital product creations, writing blogs, a book and now it seems only fitting that we create a tangible RML Product line and service that people can join and wear whilst doing their yoga or meditation, we have also created gratitude journals for you to write what you are grateful everyday. Our aim in doing this is to create more awareness around living a created life, being present and bring joy and colour to the world.

So I present our Remind My Life (RML) Apparel and Gift Collection. Shop here

If you would like to stay up to date with our collection of new designs please subscribe to our email list below. Its free!!

Il write about how Ive created and launched a shop using digital designs, out sourced the printing, fulfillment and delivery in the future. But for now please enjoy our offering by visiting our Shop now and watch this space for the launch of our new mediation and wholistic coaching service coming soon.

Have a great day.

Love always


Finally you can Subscribe to be notified of our latests and greatest! Im so happy to make this happen.

Finally you can Subscribe to be notified of our latests and greatest! Im so happy to make this happen.

I feel like Ive had a technical breakthrough tonight, figuring this out. Feels amazing please simply fill out your details below and we will notify you when we post a new blog or have a new product or service to provide you. I have compared many products over the last weeks and have gone with active campaign to look after your emails and details. I have also included the ability to leave your number so if you would like to hear from us at some stage. Please also leave your number.

There are lots of mail services out there but its best to take the time to compare products. I have gone with active campaign as the support has been fantastic and I was able to set this plug in up myself which is pretty cool! Absolutely feeling accomplished tonight!!

We have been pretty busy lately updating our ability to provide a better service to you and part of that was successfully changing over domain hosting to I love this hosting service for many reasons but one of the main ones is the ability to create simple websites there. They have some great templates already created. I would highly recommend using them for this too.

Anyway just wanted to keep it short tonight. Now that Ive got some of the big technical stuff out of the way. I feel like everything is going to start flowing again. Stay tuned below for more exciting news coming your way.

Love always,


Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips

Ive been asked a few times for blogging advise and do I have any tips for new and aspiring bloggers?

Firstly all the information on our website and blog is free, so we welcome Donations to cover the administration, writing and running costs. We really appreciate all of your love, support and encouragement to continue writing and sharing what we’ve discovered. I know I am here to make a difference and we really value your feedback and requests for information.

So firstly if you are going to blog, write about what interests you. If you write about what interests you, you will be interested in writing, simple. Blogging isn’t a one time thing. And second alot of people worry about your audience and what they will think. And I say don’t worry about your audience. You audience will find you because naturally they will be interested in what you are writing about or they won’t and they will move on. But don’t be discouraged if they do they are not your audience and not for you. Your audience is interested and will return and continue to support and encourage you.

One thing Ive been told is work out who your audience is and write for them. But I feel like this is a bit backwards personally because when you are writing for an audience you are not present. You are trying to think what people want and this is like trying to read someones mind and guess what, we can’t read peoples minds and Im pretty sure we don’t have technology for that yet either. lol

When it comes to writing styles please write what’s in your heart and mind. Its better to write than not write at all. My style is discovery. I always write about what Ive discovered on my journey and that is my writing style. But your writing style may well be completely different and thats okay, be true to yourself and be yourself. How you write is perfect. You might be a humourous writer, you might be a serious writer, you may choose to write about fact or fiction you will have a style even if you don’t know it yet. Most important tip here is to just write.

When it comes to choosing a topic or subject, be clear about what you want to write about. I write about all things health and tech and what Ive discovered on my journey. You may write about travel, food and dining, sports, property. Whatever you choose make sure you are interested in the topic. Because if you are writing about something you are not interested in, your audience will notice. So my second most important tip is to write about what you are interested in so your audience will be engaged.

So what about platforms, find a user friendly platform to write on. Something simple you can create drafts on and come back to later to continue writing. When I started out I had no idea and so I hired a professional company to set up my website and blog, which was done on wordpress and now I can build simple websites and blogs on If you are looking for a professional recommendation Id suggest ChicMic if you are looking for a reliable company at a compediative price. There is lots of platforms out there but most come at a cost. Buying the Domain name is the first step and for this I used Net Registry. But you can do both on, buy the domain name and then build your website and blog.

So why are you doing it? If you don’t have a clear vision. The motivation to continue writing will wane and so will your following. More than that you will find it hard to think of topics or subjects to write about. For example Ive created this blog to inspire, inform and motivate and the purpose in sharing what Ive discovered is to be informative, increase awareness around living consciously and not taking anything for granted, especially time.

Layout and design well it is really personal choice and choosing what you like is all about creating your own style and own following. So trust yourself. People will enjoy your uniqueness and originality. Some people add photos, comments and have lots of advertising. For the first few years, I did no advertising, added no photos and didn’t allow anyone to comment as I wanted to keep the site clean. I now allow commenting but only after I have read it and approved the comment and Ive added minimal advertising on my site however I don’t make any money from it so I wouldn’t follow the placement Ive used on my site if you are looking to monetising because it hasn’t been effective. All the information on our website is free, so we welcome Donations to cover the administration and running costs.

Finally proof read your work or ask someone to do this for you.

We really hope this has been helpful to getting you started. Ive included the hyperlinks to the companies I would recommend. We appreciate all of your love, support and encouragement to continue.

Thanks again


Don’t let your excuses stop you!

Don’t let your excuses stop you!

Omg I could totally let my excuses stop me posting right now. I literally finished editing my notes and writing this post in the quick draft section of wordpress and lost it because I was adding a link and forgot to save the draft before hand. Im so mad right now, Im walking away to do some house work and then I’ll come back.

Okay, Im back. So Im a big believer that everything happens for a reason and it was lucky that I lost my blogpost before because I also realised that many factors can take you out of the game, not just your excuses but your emotions too. So obviously I needed to add that in and re write my post because it was incomplete according to the universe. Ahhh I also find myself pressing save every couple of lines now. Which Im sure a few of you can relate too.

So excuses hey, they can completely stop you and take you out of the game, if your let them. I’ve been missing in action for a while now, taking in these two beautiful human beings that we created and its been wonderful. Life is so full now! I’ve pretty much been using them as an excuse not to to write or work, or do anything outside my family.

However recently everyone has been commenting on my blog posts and its become pretty hard to ignore. The feedback had been so positive, thank you so much and I will respond to all the genuine comments, however spam will be deleted. Some people have been asking me to write again and asking when, telling me that they have bookmarked my website, recommended it to their friends, tagging my blog posts in their websites, sharing it with their communities and groups. Its appears after a 2 year sabbatical I have reached my audience, so welcome.

I was telling my partner about all the comments that were coming, over 400 now and he said you have to write another post. Then the excuses started to roll. ‘I don’t have time to write’. I started to get a bit anxious even about writing, it was easier writing when I thought no one was reading. haha More excuses came ‘what will you all think’, worrying about being judged when I post, more excused ‘I don’t know what to write about, I need to be careful, people are reading what Im writing, it will have an impact’ the list goes on. I was using these excuses to not write anything. To ignore you. Like Ive got fifty reasons to ignore you always, the washing needs doing, my floor needs mopping, the clothes need sorting, I need to collect the mail, I need to have a shower, the kids need my attention, I need to start tea. And to be honest I can and have taken care of all those things and now we are here.

Its funny how my excuses would have me do nothing, to not take any action here. I was talking to my partner about it and all my excuses and he was like you know there is a voice to text function on your phone, don’t you. You can write your blog on the toilet and my response was I not writing my blog on the toilet!! A few moments later I was sitting on the couch and I opened up my notes and thought I’d check out this voice to text thing out. I pressed the mic and started talking and to my surprise it listened and wrote what I was saying, well nearly, anyway I no longer had any excuses stopping me. So next time I was sitting breast feeding my son. I had my phone handy and I started to voice to text. Amazing hey and here we are.

Now if you ever find yourself in a barrel of excuse, which are freezing you from taking any action, literally stopping you in your tracks, try talking to someone, observe them, give them a name like ahh thats an excuse, label them, thank them and let them pass you by, you could try taking a walk, or exercise real hard to clear your mind, meditate, draw, write them down. Unfortunately we can’t stop them. Studies are showing we have over thousands of thoughts a day. The power is recognising that they are thoughts and in this case Im sub labelling them excuses and choose the thoughts that serve you and take the action anyway.

So where do you find the power? I find my power in choosing to keep the promises I make to myself, take the action and ignore the rest. Its funny cos since realising that my excuses were stopping me again, I realised I hadn’t made any promises to myself around blogging again. But I am lucky I now have a community that was commenting keeping me accountable and in action. So have you set up your community to support you and your goals? Who do you share with? Its easy to keep being your excuses!

So since realising my excuses want to stop me again, the amount of action I’ve taken over the last two weeks has just been phenomenal. For me anyway. Ive created a website for my partner in 3 days, which would normally take a lot longer just so you are aware, its just we had been talking about it for ages and I had a clear picture of what he wanted and whipped it up. Moving on I got us preapproved for a home loan to be fair that process took many actions over atleast 6 weeks, but we got it finalised last week, this week I got multiple quotes to build a home, Id choosen a house plan, secured a block of land, went to an auction, bid on a property which I missed out on. But that was a buzz. Ive taken care of our kids, I’ve started responding to comments on my blog, I made dinner, a banana cake, sorted my boys clothes again into sizes so they fit them again, mopped the floor, did the washing, unpacked the dishwasher, caught up with friends. Organised to catch up with more friends which didn’t work out because we are now in lockdown like it’s crazy times. We could be forgiven for using our excuses to not take any action and with what’s happening in the world right now…. But is that the answer?

I stop listening to the news on the regular because it was pretty much taking me out of action, the fear factor was too much. So don’t let your excuses stop you taking any action ignore them and just take the action anyway. Walk the kids, walk your dog or cat, in fact just walk yourself, moving is an action so keep moving. Don’t be your excuses.

Sorry todays post has been a bit of a pep talk, well I think I needed it too. I needed to reconnect with you all and thank you again for all your comments and support. I also need to acknowledge everything I have achieved and overcome to achieve what I have achieved to continue to write to you, ‘those excuses’. Keep labeling them, don’t let them run you.

So if labeling them doesn’t work, try writing them down. This will create awareness around your disabling thoughts and then help you label them so you get backin the drivers seat. Now if this share about my excuses and thoughts has raised any issues for you please be responsible around that and seek help or share with a friend. A problem shared is a problem halved and if you need Contact Lifeline it is a national charity providing all Australians experiencing emotional distress with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services or if its an emergency please call 000 if you are in Australia.

Well I just want to end today by again saying thankyou. Thankyou for all your beautiful and encouraging comments. I always try to create value to my audience by sharing what I have discovered. Feel free to check out the website I made for my partner Peter. Its a gaming website for those gamers out there. He is running a 2k-tournament so go give him a like, follow and share on his twitch p_huff too.

Stay safe,

Love always


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How I lost 19kg’s eating Chocolate Brownies….!

How I lost 19kg’s eating Chocolate Brownies….!


How I lost 19kg’s eating chocolate brownies and in 8 months! That right I lost 19kg’s in 8 months. That’s losing roughly 0.5kg’s per week over a course of 37 weeks and if I lose 6 more kilograms Il be back to my starting weight. Woohoo!! Doesn’t that get you excited??!! It gets me excited!!

So lets get serious for a minute and take it back a bit. Firstly how did I manage to put on 24 kg in 9 months? Well I fell pregnant and put on a bunch of weight. Fortunately I didn’t get gestational diabetes but I did get High blood pressure. Which does increase your risk of having a stroke and a heart attack. So it is super important to lose that weight again, but I’m not into punishing my body to get results. I just like being consistant with introducing healthy habits. So what habits did I introduce to lose the weight?

I eat 3 small meals which always includes a carbohydrate, fat and protein and I also eat 2-4 snacks per day like roasted veggies, nuts, fruit, yoghurt, cereal, eggs and toast. So why so many snacks? you ask… Well Im breast feeding and need to keep my energy up especially through the middle of night when feeding, so having some nuts handy or a yoghurt helps to get me through. Now we are in more of a routine, Il often just have a little late night snack before bed, or a very early breakfast. Do I eat cake? Ofcourse I love to eat chocolate brownie, when I make a fresh batch, I can eat a piece of chocolate brownie every day for a week, I also love to eat ice cream, chocolate and vanilla slice, thats not healthy you say. Well, I disagree. Eating a whole block is tho. Life is way to short not to eat cake, so share a piece next time you are out.

Having a new baby can be tiring and when you are tired, the last thing you want to do is go for a walk. But I found I was less tired and more energised going for a walk, because firstly it gave my arms a rest from holding our boy and secondly getting into the fresh air and walking outside in the sunshine puts a smile on my dial.

So how long do I walk for? For the first couple of weeks I could only manage 10 minutes, walking around the block. I had swollen ankles and they had really stiffened up with the fluid. But I slowly built that up to 30 minutes over the course of 6 weeks. Now we walk nearly every day for 45minutes to an hour. And I say nearly everyday as some days we don’t get out of the house for one reason or another.

So there is nothing hard here, is there?! I’m consistently eating healthy but not limiting my taste buds and moving most of the time. If you are bored with walking, thats okay I get bored too. So I try keep life interesting by choosing a different path to walk, inviting a friend along, doing a zumba class, going to the gym or going for a swim. But I find whatever I do, for the most part Im consistant and try to do something everyday and for atleast 45 minutes.

You know what works for you, but if you are needing some extra support, don’t be afraid to ask or get a friend on board with your goals. I often do food prepping to set my week up for success and set an exercise goal. When I was starting out my goal was to walk for 10 minutes three times a day. When I was working I used to park my car a few blocks away and took the stairs, every bit helps. But most of all be consistent with your choices. I keep track by using the remindmylife app lifestyle stopwatch. I love it’s one tap track. Download it free today and start counting.

Good luck!

Love always


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Why do we give up so quickly?

Why do we give up so quickly?

Why do we give up so quickly? We never give up trying when we are a baby. My 7 month old attempts things, a hundred times. I watched him on his hands and knees rocking backwards and forwards on the one spot for weeks and he even goes backwards before he goes forwards, which is funny for me to watch, but frustrating for him as he moves further and further away from his toys. Then one day right in front of my eyes he starts moving forward on his hands and knees so temtatively but he is doing the thing he has been trying to do for weeks and then Im sat there asking myself when did this happen? When did my baby learn to crawl.

See the thing is it didn’t happen straight away, he practised for weeks and he never gave up. He didn’t know which day he was going to start moving forward or how long it was going to take. He just knew that that was the direction he wanted to go. So why do we give up so quickly now? Have we lost sight of our intention? Maybe we don’t have a clear intention to begin with? Maybe we are not clear with what we really want? The direction we want to take.

So is it key then to form a clear intention? No, that is only the first step, see its simple for a baby, they are just clear with what they want and keep taking the actions to achieve it. Whereas we need to bring our clear intention to life and imagine what it would be like to achieve it and experience the emotions you would experience if you achieve it. See what creates you in the present is the future you are living into. And if you create the future you want to live into all that is left to do is take the steps each day that work towards that future and enjoy the journey.

Now that would be great if you didn’t have a bunch of opinions and circumstances that keep firing off and getting in your way. Sometimes I find myself in a bunch of conversations trying to negotiate and control the outcome, which is the sea of opinions Im talking about which confuses the intention. See my baby wanted to move forward. He was clear the whole time, the fact that he moved backwards before he moved forwards didn’t affect his intention to move forward. His intention was clear. Plus he hasn’t learnt to communicate so he doesn’t have a bunch of opinions stopping him from taking actions.

So how do we quieten the sea of opinions? There are some simple things we can do to quieten the mind, such as take a walk for instance or find a quiet space where we won’t be disturbed, you can use a tapping technique to bring the focus back to the body, tap your arms and tap your legs, focus on the breathe, breathe in for four seconds and out for four seconds and repeat for eight rounds. Observe your thoughts rather than engaging in them and set a time to meditate everyday.

See we can’t negotiate or try to control the outcome as much as we would like too, that is just more of the same. And why we give up so quickly is somewhere in the sea of opinions and should only be observed, not entertained. All that matters now is what is important to you, having a clear picture of the future you want to live into, taking the action required, repeating it and trusting the process. My Boy is now practicing pulling himself up into the standing position he smiles each time he does it. He is clear that is what he wants and it makes him happy.

Try setting a time to meditate on your intention each day with the remindmylife app. and don’t give up.

Much Love Always,


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Version 3- What’s new with the RemindMyLife APP

Version 3- What’s new with the RemindMyLife APP

Version 3 – What’s new with the RemindMyLife APP…Version 3 available free NOW to download!

Remind My Life application is the lifestyle stop watch everyone needs. You can’t buy more or borrow more time, its limited and expires everyday. The RemindMyLife App has been designed to increase your awareness and balance your time with health in mind. It is simple and easy to use. With its NEW one tap START/STOP functionality you can count every second of the day and increase your awareness around your most important resource, TIME!

Its been a while since the last update but we are so happy to bring you Version 3. It has up todate IPhone X, Xs capabilities, increased functionality, New Start/Stop functionality, dynamic notification and reminder system, no more double bookings for you and we are so happy to announce RemindMyLife APP is now FREE with ads.

So with the new update why have we not automated it? With the technology available it would be very easy to gather data about your movements. But, that is already taken care of….you already know how many steps you do, how often you stand up, elevate, beat. This automated practice is more of the same encouraging behaviour…… putting you on auto-pilot and to sleep. Which makes me want to cry! RemindMyLife application is designed as a tool you can use to practice mindfulness, being present in the moment and becoming more aware of patterns and habits that have expired and don’t serve you any longer. Aww life in the present is so much better!!

Have you ever wondered how much time you take to think or make a decision? I was a queen procrastinator, I would habitually put off doing things. I would spend lots of time thinking and talking about doing stuff and creating ideas but not really making anything happen. It wasn’t until I realised that this was one of the things that was getting in my way that I overcame it. Well guess what you don’t have to wait any longer to see if you are a procrastinator like me anymore. RemindMyLife now measures the time between a “Stopped” and “Started” activity. Which means it will measure the time it takes for you to choose what you are going to do next.

Now there is nothing wrong with taking your time, you have all the time in the world. You may be a planner and like to write out your plan before choosing your next move. However if you were interested in where your time may go. This may be one of the hidden places…. So within the application this ‘Time’ is called ‘Thinking time’ and is stored under the completed section of “Reminders” under “Free Time – Thinking Time”. So if you wanted to see if you too are a procrastinator, this area and amount of Time spent thinking may be of interest to you.

So what else? We have reviewed and updated our notification and reminder system and created a New and Improved Dynamic Notification and Reminder system for those of you who like to plan. So what does that mean? Each reminder you set has a start and stop time notification connected. Which is two opportunities for you to reschedule each notification you set up, so no excuses for missing any important catchup opportunites, events or appointments you make.

There is two types of push notifications. The ones you set for yourself to keep on track. And the second type is built into the backgroud of the honeycomb screen specific to each area and are positive push notifications for time updates which are useful for when you are taking breaks, to get back on time and for encouragement during exercise. So don’t forget to enable these awesome features under settings!!

We have also enabled permanently a no double booking system, which means for those of you that are crammer’s and have a habit of planning too much and double booking activities or appointments, you are going to enjoy this feature because this will mean you will never be able to double book another activity, clients or appointments if something is already booked in on that date or time.

So that gets you up to speed with ‘What’s new’ with the RemindMyLife App. We look forward to hearing your feedback. So please comment below.

Have an awesome day.

Love always


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Waiting 8.5 hours! Gift or Curse?

Waiting 8.5 hours! Gift or Curse?

Waiting 8.5 hours! Gift or Curse?

Since being on maternity leave. I have been gifted an extra 8. 5 hours a day plus travel time which Ive never had before. So everything that I used to squeeze into my day no longer has to be squeezed and it has become very apparent how important structure is, so my day doesn’t run me. And i guess as I am writing this it doesn’t matter if you are on maternity leave for the first time or you have just quit your job to start your own business. For me to stay balanced and focused Im using the RemindMyLife App.  “With the power to revamp your way of life”, I have found the RemindMyLife  Application to be a comprehensive solution, which allows me to micromanage a balanced & healthy lifestyle. All I have to do is open the app and structure my day by just putting in reminders with the date & time and setup the alarm.

So most people would think that being gifted this extra time would be a gift, as I wait for our little baby to arrive, but it can also be a curse. After the initial running around and getting everything ready for the baby, I quickly realise there is alot of empty space and time to fill. Finding things to fill this space and time initially was easy, I caught up with friends and family, treated myself with some shopping, organised christmas, had a massage. I sat in the sun and read the book that had been staring at me for the last week. It was great but once I had caught up on everything, without a structure this new found free time quickly became a burden. My day could quickly disappear without doing too much, boredom started to come into play and this started running me into a pit for self loathing, imploding, getting caught looking on social media, comparing, judging, in a vicious cycle of negative thoughts and behaviours. By the end it was easy to feel lonely and sorry for myself.

Jim Ronen says “either you run the day or the day runs you”. So to prevent further imploding, self loathing and wasting of this precious time. Im going to share how I use the RemindMyLife App  to structure my day, stay positive and focused. What I did was download the RemindMyLife App to set up my day using the six suggested areas….. Exercise, Work, Food, Meditation, Free Time and Sleep. This created a structure for me to follow and kepted things simple and flexible.

Here is a breakdown of what I do for each area…..

Exercising – I make sure I get out of the house for atleast one hour a day for a walk. This one is pretty easy as I usually do this as apart of my morning routine.

Work- Now that Im not going to work, I use this time however to work on my side business, check emails, blog, take photos and create motivational quotes, research technology and marketing tools. This is roughly for 2 hours at a time. I also use this time to maintain our home, cleaning, doing the washing, ironing, shopping, admin and doing a big cook up.

Food- I take regular breaks to eat delicious food usually 15- 45 mins. And I can spend up to 2 hours if I’m also cooking or food prepping. If however I am doing a big cook up more than 2 hours I might allocate this for during my Free Time or Work Time.

Meditation- I allow up to an hour and a half a day to practice mindfulness or having a rest with no distractions. To clear my mind and create awareness around my thoughts and practicing being present.

Free time- I allow atleast 2 hours of free time each day which creates enough freedom to plan to do what I want when I want and within that I use this time to organise a catch up with a friend or family member either in person or call them on the phone for 5 mins. Which is a key part to staying connected and another excuse to get out and about. Other things I do in this space is go shopping or make something delicious in the kitchen, listen to music, dance around, listen to a podcast or an audio book, watch a documentary or a movie to fill up my world. Its helpful to allocate a set amount of time to scroll and interact on social media with a finish time so you don’t get caught in the sea.

Sleep- Although I don’t have to set an alarm to wake up anymore. I do keep a routine around sleep as it keeps us both balanced. And supports the rest of the house hold as they go to work.

So thats how I structure the extra 8.5 hours I now have in my day. I make sure I set a reminder of allocated time to task orientate my day. Or I hit the honeycomb button on the remindmylife app stop clock to start the timer as I move through my day to show how much time I spend in each area. And with a quick glance at my stats I can get instance gratification and a new sense of awareness of what Ive done so far and what I should focus on next.

Alot of freedom has come from waiting and it is a gift! I definately achieve more each day that I plan. I feel more in control of my day as I eliminate distractions and create focus on activities that serve me. RemindMyLife has really made a difference to keeping life simple and balanced. Sometimes all I need to do is open the app and glance and I can clearly see what I need to take care of next.

Structure creates Action! Action creates Results! Results creates Success! And keeping track creates Morale! Even if it is just the house work or a one hour walk each day!

Hope that helps!

Much love

Sheridan x

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Wow the 3rd trimester and having low iron!

Wow the 3rd trimester and having low iron!

Wow the 3rd trimester and having low iron!

I was out walking yesterday and it started to rain and it was beautiful I felt the spots on my skin and I felt so alive and present. Then the weather turned without much notice and I was caught in a storm. I found myself running to get cover. I ran/walked into a panel beaters and asked it if I could wait out the storm here. They saw how pregnant I was and asked ‘would I like a coffee?’ and said ‘don’t worry we will drive you home’. The kindness and generosity was beautiful which I accepted. Note to self in future, I must check the weather forecast before heading out for my walk next time. lol

3rd trimester has been fun. Its very obvious Im pregnant, Im enjoying food and everyone getting excited about the baby. I had a baby shower with my close friends and we played some games and relaxed in a beer garden. I finished up work at 34 weeks as I was getting puffed out and was suffering from palpitations with some dizziness. Since finishing work things settle down and I have had a big clean out of my apartment. Donating clothes, throughing out paperwork, filing, fixing photo albums and getting the house as baby ready as possible. Ive also organise to catch up with friends and family to enjoy their time without any distractions. It really has been a very enjoyable and productive time. They say it is important to enjoy this time before the baby arrives and grieve your old life. Im guessing Il will get the full impact of why this is so important once our baby arrives.

We had our last check up with the physician and got the all clear at 36 weeks to continue to be looked after by the midwives. We had an ultrasound which showed that everything was normal, our baby had turned, the placenta looks healthy and the baby is a good size. Such a relief, I also had a blood test that day which showed I had very low iron. Which explains why Ive been crying at the tv, feeling very low in mood and getting super tired and puffed after my morning walks. I would highly recommend reporting these symptoms to your doctor or nurse sooner as this for me had been going on for atleast a few weeks untreated. Remember never self diagnose or take iron supplements without medical supervision as high levels of iron can be toxic.

So for treatment I was recommended to take ferro grad plus Vitamin C 1-2 tablets every second day for better absorption and to increase iron in my diet. So that day I went shopping and cooked up a big batch of spaghetti bolognese to help. Ive left you my recipe below! Ive also heard iron melts are also a good supplement. And for a natural alternative I also purchased natural mineral drink online for additional support, which I take 10mls three times a day.

Other helpful websites that have more information about healthy eating and good source of iron include:

the better health channel and

healthy eating during pregnancy; which gives advice on eating for mother and baby

And to support your symptoms during this time or if you need someone to talk too,

Panda; is a free counselling service for antenatal depression and anxiety, guys can call this service too and

Beyond Blue; is another helpful support guide for emotional health and wellbeing.

Im 38 weeks now so my baby is classed as term and Im now looking for ways to prepare for labour, the best thing Ive brought so far for this is my exercise ball. Its so comfortable to sit on and I can use it during labour. Remember gravity is our friend. Ive been advised that massaging your perineum with a little bit of moisturiser/oil can help to prevent tearing. It is now safe for me to start expressing and the latest research has shown that expressing is more effective at bringing on labour than sex or eating curries. However personal choice. Don’t forget that if you do start to express to label and freeze the colostrum. It is liquid gold and keeps for 3 months in the freezer and is good for 3 days at room temperature. For more education and support regarding breast feeding please visit the Australian Breastfeeding Association, talk to your midwife, your obstetrician or lactation consultant. Lastly taking care of your pelvic floor is so important, try to make a habit of doing exercises everyday to maintain good bladder habits and improve bladder control. If you are needing more support please refer to the continence foundation for more information, your midwife, obstetrician or physio.

Remember enjoy these last few days/weeks preparing, relax, treat yourself and enjoy your time as you will never get it back. I wish you a very safe birth when it happens and a healthy baby.

Lots of love

Sheridan x

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Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe


500g of mince

1 tub of tomatoe paste

2 tins of tomatoes

2 carrots cut into small pieces

1 capsicum cut into small pieces

1 cup of beans/broccoli

Salt n pepper

Italian herbs

Two hand fulls of fettuccine/spaghetti pasta (put in boiling water for 13mins for al dente)

Grated cheese optional


Add cooking oil to the pan wait til hot then add the mince and cook until brown, drain off excess water, then add the tomatoe paste and the two tins of tomatoes. Break up the tomatoes with a wooden spoon to make the sauce and add the veggies, italian herbs and salt n pepper to taste. Simmer and stir for another 10-15mins. Cook the pasta for 13mins during this time. Then drain the pasta and grab a couple of plates and containers as you will have lots of left overs. Put the pasta on the plate, add the mince and veggie sauce and cheese to taste on top. Hope you enjoy!

Serves 4-5

Cooking/preparation time 25-30mins