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Version 3- What’s new with the RemindMyLife APP

Version 3- What’s new with the RemindMyLife APP

Version 3 – What’s new with the RemindMyLife APP…Version 3 available free NOW to download!

Remind My Life application is the lifestyle stop watch everyone needs. You can’t buy more or borrow more time, its limited and expires everyday. The RemindMyLife App has been designed to increase your awareness and balance your time with health in mind. It is simple and easy to use. With its NEW one tap START/STOP functionality you can count every second of the day and increase your awareness around your most important resource, TIME!

Its been a while since the last update but we are so happy to bring you Version 3. It has up todate IPhone X, Xs capabilities, increased functionality, New Start/Stop functionality, dynamic notification and reminder system, no more double bookings for you and we are so happy to announce RemindMyLife APP is now FREE with ads.

So with the new update why have we not automated it? With the technology available it would be very easy to gather data about your movements. But, that is already taken care of….you already know how many steps you do, how often you stand up, elevate, beat. This automated practice is more of the same encouraging behaviour…… putting you on auto-pilot and to sleep. Which makes me want to cry! RemindMyLife application is designed as a tool you can use to practice mindfulness, being present in the moment and becoming more aware of patterns and habits that have expired and don’t serve you any longer. Aww life in the present is so much better!!

Have you ever wondered how much time you take to think or make a decision? I was a queen procrastinator, I would habitually put off doing things. I would spend lots of time thinking and talking about doing stuff and creating ideas but not really making anything happen. It wasn’t until I realised that this was one of the things that was getting in my way that I overcame it. Well guess what you don’t have to wait any longer to see if you are a procrastinator like me anymore. RemindMyLife now measures the time between a “Stopped” and “Started” activity. Which means it will measure the time it takes for you to choose what you are going to do next.

Now there is nothing wrong with taking your time, you have all the time in the world. You may be a planner and like to write out your plan before choosing your next move. However if you were interested in where your time may go. This may be one of the hidden places…. So within the application this ‘Time’ is called ‘Thinking time’ and is stored under the completed section of “Reminders” under “Free Time – Thinking Time”. So if you wanted to see if you too are a procrastinator, this area and amount of Time spent thinking may be of interest to you.

So what else? We have reviewed and updated our notification and reminder system and created a New and Improved Dynamic Notification and Reminder system for those of you who like to plan. So what does that mean? Each reminder you set has a start and stop time notification connected. Which is two opportunities for you to reschedule each notification you set up, so no excuses for missing any important catchup opportunites, events or appointments you make.

There is two types of push notifications. The ones you set for yourself to keep on track. And the second type is built into the backgroud of the honeycomb screen specific to each area and are positive push notifications for time updates which are useful for when you are taking breaks, to get back on time and for encouragement during exercise. So don’t forget to enable these awesome features under settings!!

We have also enabled permanently a no double booking system, which means for those of you that are crammer’s and have a habit of planning too much and double booking activities or appointments, you are going to enjoy this feature because this will mean you will never be able to double book another activity, clients or appointments if something is already booked in on that date or time.

So that gets you up to speed with ‘What’s new’ with the RemindMyLife App. We look forward to hearing your feedback. So please comment below.

Have an awesome day.

Love always


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