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Unable to reply to review’s!! There is no bad reviews….

Unable to reply to review’s!! There is no bad reviews….

Unable to reply to reviews!! There is no bad reviews….only opportunities to learn.

Firstly Hello @Ugh, thank you for purchasing the remindmylife application and for your feed back of two stars. This review came through on the app store and Im unable to reply to it. So I have choosen to use this platform to reply. Ive learnt that there is no such thing as bad reviews only opportunities to learn. So hopefully this will be helpful to many of our other users too.

So here we go…You said ‘if you tap on a tile to view it, it just starts a counter’. This is what it is design to do. As described in the description ‘the honeycomb tile is designed to count how long you are spending in that area until you switch to another area’. Yes that’s right you can’t stop it ticking!!! This is because time doesn’t wait for anyone. Remindmylife is designed to track time even when you are doing nothing, so whilst some of you may need more thinking time than others, select free time! Give yourself the time to work out what you want to do in your free time. Free time is when you are inbetween work or eating or exercising or meditiating or sleeping, and when you are on social media, watching tv, hanging out with friends or just dreaming up a great life!! Its amazing how much of it, adds up!!!

You made a comment on user flexibility. I have not automated user habits of their phone, as its more of the same practice of putting ourselves to sleep. Instead remindmylife is designed to practice conscious awareness. Which means you will have to practice being present in every moment of the day and remember to select the next area when you change what you are doing. This should only take a second of your day by opening the app and pressing the next area on the honeycomb screen. However this may not be easy for the first couple of weeks because its new and you will have to take the action to obtain the stats in the areas. The good news is if you forget to press on an area in the past you can go to the completed section (past events only) of the reminders page and amend entries. (Reminders are under the reminders icon at the foot of the page in the bottom margin).

The app has been designed around having a PAST (which show’s up under the COMPLETED section of the reminders icon), being in the PRESENT (which means you select what you are currently doing, for example for me right now its WORK. The tile is selected on the AREAS screen ‘looks like a honeycomb’ and it actively ‘counts’ what you are doing in the present) and planning the FUTURE (which is what you put in your SCHEDULE for your future under the reminders icon).

The areas are labels specifically to be quite broad in nature; so that everyone can count where they are spending most of their time. Here are the areas again and break down of how they were intended to be used.

Food- Which includes preparation time and eating.

Sleep- From the point of turning off the light, relaxing and counting sheep

Work- Which includes working, running eran’s or going to school

Meditation- Which includes sitting quitely, practicing mindfulness or running a bath and taking time out for yourself.

Free Time- which includes cleaning up, shopping, daily chores, havingĀ fun, soical media, watching tv, socialising or reading a book the list goes on!!!

Exercise- which includes weight bearing and cardio vascular activity.

Everyone’s lives are so different, with what they do and when they do it. So we have choosen to use broard term to incompass ones life. Instead of getting bogged down by the finer detail.

Remindmylife app is about removing what is automatic in our lives and waking up our conscious awareness around time, where you spend your time most and being present in every moment. The idea of mapping out where time is spent in ones life, is useful for identifying habits that work and don’t work for us. Once identified it is up to us to change or remove those habits from our day by practicing being present and planning the future.

We have created a guide that underpins all time that is enter, to give you feed back. This is done through three colour indicators RED, ORANGE and GREEN. These three colours have the following meaning.

Red-meaning this isn’t good, this area needs your attention

Orange- meaning you are doing okay, but you could try harder

Green – meaning fantastic you are doing a great job.

I apologies for some of the labels being confusing or for the instruction not being clear when you downloaded the remindmylife application. We are working on the user design creating new labels for icons to iron out any confusion. With regards to your comment of ‘it isn’t really tracking when you’re really doing it among other things’ hopefully i have answered that in my response above.

However if you feel it was more of a technical or programming issue you encountered please download the latest version, you won’t be charge for deleting and downloading the latest version and if the issue is still there please let us know by sending us the details to We will do our best to follow and fix the issue asap.

Thank you again. I really appreciate your support and feedback. Details of the full review are below and for more information please visit RemindMyLife.

Warmest Regards


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I’m trying to track my day and what I do so I purchased this app…. and this thing makes no sense plus there 0 flexibility! If you tap on tile to view it, it just starts a counter and isn’t really tracking when you’re really doing it among other things! Holding onto the sop and hoping they work the kinks out….