Ebook Launch

Ebook Launch

Expect the Unexpected

Hello, how are you all? I thought it was time to start putting together everything into themed tidy ebooks. So here is the first of many ebooks I plan to create. Im dedicating this one to all of my loyal followers and fans of my blog and lovers of my pregnancy blogs especially. I called it Expect the Unexpected! It is about my pregnancy journey with the missing piece of the journey the births of my two beautiful boys, one that went terribly wrong and one that was primal and so fast. I really hope you enjoy this collection of pieces I have put together and self published. Anything is possible if you are willing to learn how. I used Canva to create the format and the 3D mock up of the book cover I used DIYbookcovers.com after being recommended by a new friend.

Just over 9000 words its an easy read and helpful to both trying and expecting parents. Looking forward to launching it on kendal and amazon soon. Il update you on the technical process for that when I know how. But for now.

Sending you love and light,


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