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REMIND MY LIFE (RML) was created 8 years ago to bring awareness around time and being present. How precious time and life is. More than ever I still feel this is the case. Living a created life rather than one you have fallen into is one of the biggest challenges we face today. As the system grooms us into being and acting a certain way. We end up going with the flow and not always in the direction one was born to take. And as I have gotten older I have gone through an up skill as I recreate my life to be doing something that I love rather than ‘aww you would be a good nurse.’ Which is training to be a meditation teacher and wholistic coach. Only taken me twenty years to wake up, but better late than never.

And as a company we have gone on a bit of a journey too. Learning about new digital product creations, writing blogs, a book and now it seems only fitting that we create a tangible RML Product line and service that people can join and wear whilst doing their yoga or meditation, we have also created gratitude journals for you to write what you are grateful everyday. Our aim in doing this is to create more awareness around living a created life, being present and bring joy and colour to the world.

So I present our Remind My Life (RML) Apparel and Gift Collection. Shop here

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Il write about how Ive created and launched a shop using digital designs, out sourced the printing, fulfillment and delivery in the future. But for now please enjoy our offering by visiting our Shop now and watch this space for the launch of our new mediation and wholistic coaching service coming soon.

Have a great day.

Love always