Five steps to keeping your new years resolution!!

Five steps to keeping your new years resolution!!

Make a new years resolution! Don’t be scared, throw your hat over the wall, its fun and can be exciting! 2018 should be the best year, set up by your new years resolutions! So why is it, after years of making them that, they don’t get lit?!

Understanding why is key to Success! Did you know that when you make a newyears resolution you are shining a light on the problem! Nothing wrong with that. Because when you shine a light on an area of life you want to change, everything about that will show up. Say for instance you want to care less about what people think or want to get engaged and he is not asking or you simply want to be less annoyed at people. Its like the opposite happens. People start to annoy you, he never asks you to marry him and everyones opinions are on loud speaker. lol So how do we make it to the other side?

Start by putting what you want out into the universe, be brave and tell people what you wish for. Get it out there, take a risk and share what you want! Its in the conversations youtransform!

Success is in creating a new way of being or saying to deal with what you want, ‘the not caring’, ‘being engaged’ and ‘being annoyed’ like replacing it with the thoughts that ‘I am free to be and act anyway I want, Im free’, ‘if you like it put a ring on it’ or ‘Im flexible and adaptable’. Being able to shake off peoples opinions like throwing a grain of salt over your shoulder is key. If you can bring no attachment to the outcome and focus on yourself and your own thoughts you will succeed!! Here are the five steps to keeping your new years resolution;

Step 1 Make a new years resolution

Step 2 Tell someone about it so you are in the conversation to change

Step 3 Get ready for it to show up everywhere

Step 4 Create a new way of being or saying to overcome or replace old thoughts

Step 5 Repeat.

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Love, Health and Success to you all for 2018!

Sheridan x

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