Don’t let your excuses stop you!

Don’t let your excuses stop you!

Omg I could totally let my excuses stop me posting right now. I literally finished editing my notes and writing this post in the quick draft section of wordpress and lost it because I was adding a link and forgot to save the draft before hand. Im so mad right now, Im walking away to do some house work and then I’ll come back.

Okay, Im back. So Im a big believer that everything happens for a reason and it was lucky that I lost my blogpost before because I also realised that many factors can take you out of the game, not just your excuses but your emotions too. So obviously I needed to add that in and re write my post because it was incomplete according to the universe. Ahhh I also find myself pressing save every couple of lines now. Which Im sure a few of you can relate too.

So excuses hey, they can completely stop you and take you out of the game, if your let them. I’ve been missing in action for a while now, taking in these two beautiful human beings that we created and its been wonderful. Life is so full now! I’ve pretty much been using them as an excuse not to to write or work, or do anything outside my family.

However recently everyone has been commenting on my blog posts and its become pretty hard to ignore. The feedback had been so positive, thank you so much and I will respond to all the genuine comments, however spam will be deleted. Some people have been asking me to write again and asking when, telling me that they have bookmarked my website, recommended it to their friends, tagging my blog posts in their websites, sharing it with their communities and groups. Its appears after a 2 year sabbatical I have reached my audience, so welcome.

I was telling my partner about all the comments that were coming, over 400 now and he said you have to write another post. Then the excuses started to roll. ‘I don’t have time to write’. I started to get a bit anxious even about writing, it was easier writing when I thought no one was reading. haha More excuses came ‘what will you all think’, worrying about being judged when I post, more excused ‘I don’t know what to write about, I need to be careful, people are reading what Im writing, it will have an impact’ the list goes on. I was using these excuses to not write anything. To ignore you. Like Ive got fifty reasons to ignore you always, the washing needs doing, my floor needs mopping, the clothes need sorting, I need to collect the mail, I need to have a shower, the kids need my attention, I need to start tea. And to be honest I can and have taken care of all those things and now we are here.

Its funny how my excuses would have me do nothing, to not take any action here. I was talking to my partner about it and all my excuses and he was like you know there is a voice to text function on your phone, don’t you. You can write your blog on the toilet and my response was I not writing my blog on the toilet!! A few moments later I was sitting on the couch and I opened up my notes and thought I’d check out this voice to text thing out. I pressed the mic and started talking and to my surprise it listened and wrote what I was saying, well nearly, anyway I no longer had any excuses stopping me. So next time I was sitting breast feeding my son. I had my phone handy and I started to voice to text. Amazing hey and here we are.

Now if you ever find yourself in a barrel of excuse, which are freezing you from taking any action, literally stopping you in your tracks, try talking to someone, observe them, give them a name like ahh thats an excuse, label them, thank them and let them pass you by, you could try taking a walk, or exercise real hard to clear your mind, meditate, draw, write them down. Unfortunately we can’t stop them. Studies are showing we have over thousands of thoughts a day. The power is recognising that they are thoughts and in this case Im sub labelling them excuses and choose the thoughts that serve you and take the action anyway.

So where do you find the power? I find my power in choosing to keep the promises I make to myself, take the action and ignore the rest. Its funny cos since realising that my excuses were stopping me again, I realised I hadn’t made any promises to myself around blogging again. But I am lucky I now have a community that was commenting keeping me accountable and in action. So have you set up your community to support you and your goals? Who do you share with? Its easy to keep being your excuses!

So since realising my excuses want to stop me again, the amount of action I’ve taken over the last two weeks has just been phenomenal. For me anyway. Ive created a website for my partner in 3 days, which would normally take a lot longer just so you are aware, its just we had been talking about it for ages and I had a clear picture of what he wanted and whipped it up. Moving on I got us preapproved for a home loan to be fair that process took many actions over atleast 6 weeks, but we got it finalised last week, this week I got multiple quotes to build a home, Id choosen a house plan, secured a block of land, went to an auction, bid on a property which I missed out on. But that was a buzz. Ive taken care of our kids, I’ve started responding to comments on my blog, I made dinner, a banana cake, sorted my boys clothes again into sizes so they fit them again, mopped the floor, did the washing, unpacked the dishwasher, caught up with friends. Organised to catch up with more friends which didn’t work out because we are now in lockdown like it’s crazy times. We could be forgiven for using our excuses to not take any action and with what’s happening in the world right now…. But is that the answer?

I stop listening to the news on the regular because it was pretty much taking me out of action, the fear factor was too much. So don’t let your excuses stop you taking any action ignore them and just take the action anyway. Walk the kids, walk your dog or cat, in fact just walk yourself, moving is an action so keep moving. Don’t be your excuses.

Sorry todays post has been a bit of a pep talk, well I think I needed it too. I needed to reconnect with you all and thank you again for all your comments and support. I also need to acknowledge everything I have achieved and overcome to achieve what I have achieved to continue to write to you, ‘those excuses’. Keep labeling them, don’t let them run you.

So if labeling them doesn’t work, try writing them down. This will create awareness around your disabling thoughts and then help you label them so you get backin the drivers seat. Now if this share about my excuses and thoughts has raised any issues for you please be responsible around that and seek help or share with a friend. A problem shared is a problem halved and if you need Contact Lifeline it is a national charity providing all Australians experiencing emotional distress with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services or if its an emergency please call 000 if you are in Australia.

Well I just want to end today by again saying thankyou. Thankyou for all your beautiful and encouraging comments. I always try to create value to my audience by sharing what I have discovered. Feel free to check out the website I made for my partner Peter. Its a gaming website for those gamers out there. He is running a 2k-tournament so go give him a like, follow and share on his twitch p_huff too.

Stay safe,

Love always


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