Idea’s for a desirable lifestyle…. waking up!

Idea’s for a desirable lifestyle…. waking up!

Ideas come and go and I find if I don’t write them down I often forget what those ideas were. So… in November 2014 after a long time of soul searching and reflecting on my years of nursing. I woke up and started creating… RemindMyLife ???

I knew that i wanted to make a difference and this was what came to me. I had been working as a nurse for years now. Checking people for lifestyle risks such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, strokes, obesity, alcoholism to name a few. And there was always something missing after people left my room and after doing their assessment and giving them the advise they needed. I was like they have no way to keep track of themselves, I felt like they needed a tool to monitor how much time they are dedicating to themselves and their health. My piece of paper and time table wasn’t enough. I wanted to make a card board cutout, a tool they can use to manage their time. But then I was like ‘we don’t live in card board cut out world anymore’ i felt like they needed an app. So through a lot of hard work?, sweat, tears?, speed bumps and road blocks and self blocks!! I can finally say I have finally pushed the go ✅ button and sent my application live to the world ?. Ive created a mindful lifestyle tool you can use to tap and track your time. Plan and live your desired life. It is now available to download on iTunes (please see link below)! I would like to thank all my friends, family, co-works and everyone who has ever supported me! Without your love ❤️ and support I don’t know if I would of had the drive to complete this! But it’s done!!!! So thank you so much! I feel like it is just beginning as I continue to develop the RemindMyLife application to make a difference. So if you have a great idea like mine, don’t forget to write it down. ? I will continue to blog about the areas of life, food, exercise, sleep, meditation, free time, work and share resources with you. I will also share how I created the Remindmylife application and what I learnt along the way.

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