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Waiting 8.5 hours! Gift or Curse?

Waiting 8.5 hours! Gift or Curse?

Waiting 8.5 hours! Gift or Curse?

Since being on maternity leave. I have been gifted an extra 8. 5 hours a day plus travel time which Ive never had before. So everything that I used to squeeze into my day no longer has to be squeezed and it has become very apparent how important structure is, so my day doesn’t run me. And i guess as I am writing this it doesn’t matter if you are on maternity leave for the first time or you have just quit your job to start your own business. For me to stay balanced and focused Im using the RemindMyLife App.  “With the power to revamp your way of life”, I have found the RemindMyLife  Application to be a comprehensive solution, which allows me to micromanage a balanced & healthy lifestyle. All I have to do is open the app and structure my day by just putting in reminders with the date & time and setup the alarm.

So most people would think that being gifted this extra time would be a gift, as I wait for our little baby to arrive, but it can also be a curse. After the initial running around and getting everything ready for the baby, I quickly realise there is alot of empty space and time to fill. Finding things to fill this space and time initially was easy, I caught up with friends and family, treated myself with some shopping, organised christmas, had a massage. I sat in the sun and read the book that had been staring at me for the last week. It was great but once I had caught up on everything, without a structure this new found free time quickly became a burden. My day could quickly disappear without doing too much, boredom started to come into play and this started running me into a pit for self loathing, imploding, getting caught looking on social media, comparing, judging, in a vicious cycle of negative thoughts and behaviours. By the end it was easy to feel lonely and sorry for myself.

Jim Ronen says “either you run the day or the day runs you”. So to prevent further imploding, self loathing and wasting of this precious time. Im going to share how I use the RemindMyLife App  to structure my day, stay positive and focused. What I did was download the RemindMyLife App to set up my day using the six suggested areas….. Exercise, Work, Food, Meditation, Free Time and Sleep. This created a structure for me to follow and kepted things simple and flexible.

Here is a breakdown of what do for each area…..

Exercising – I make sure I get out of the house for atleast one hour a day for a walk. This one is pretty easy as I usually do this as apart of my morning routine.

Work- Now that Im not going to work, I use this time however to work on my side business, check emails, blog, take photos and create motivational quotes, research technology and marketing tools. This is roughly for 2 hours at a time. I also use this time to maintain our home, cleaning, doing the washing, ironing, shopping, admin and doing a big cook up.

Food- I take regular breaks to eat delicious food usually 15- 45 mins. And I can spend up to 2 hours if I’m also cooking or food prepping. If however I am doing a big cook up more than 2 hours I might allocate this for during my Free Time or Work Time.

Meditation- I allow up to an hour and a half a day to practice mindfulness or having a rest with no distractions. To clear my mind and create awareness around my thoughts and practicing being present.

Free time- I allow atleast 2 hours of free time each day which creates enough freedom to plan to do what I want when I want and within that I use this time to organise a catch up with a friend or family member either in person or call them on the phone for 5 mins. Which is a key part to staying connected and another excuse to get out and about. Other things I do in this space is go shopping or make something delicious in the kitchen, listen to music, dance around, listen to podcast or an audio book, watch documentaries or a movie to fill my world up. Its helpful to allocate a set amount of time to scroll and interact on social media with a finish time so you don’t get caught in the sea.

Sleep- Although I don’t have to set an alarm to wake up anymore. I do keep a routine around sleep as it keeps us both balanced. And supports the rest of the house hold as they go to work.

So thats how I structure the extra 8.5 hours I now have in my day. I make sure I set a reminder of allocated time to task orientate my day. Or I hit the honeycomb button to start the timer as I move through my day to show how long I spend on each of the areas. This gives me a sense of awareness of what Ive done so far, what I should focus on next by a quick glance and the satifaction because Im keeping track of a healthy balanced life thats simple to follow, that is flexible and set up for me to achieve.

Alot of freedom has come from waiting and it is a gift! I definately achieve more each day that I plan. I feel more in control of my day as I eliminate distractions and create focus on activities that serve me. RemindMyLife has really made a difference to keeping life simple and balanced. Sometimes all I need to do is open the app and glance and I can clearly see what I need to take care of next.

Structure creates Action! Action creates Results! Results creates Success! And keeping track creates Morale! Even if it is just the house work or a one hour walk each day!

Hope that helps!

Much love

Sheridan x

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Wow the 3rd trimester and having low iron!

Wow the 3rd trimester and having low iron!

Wow the 3rd trimester and having low iron!

I was out walking yesterday and it started to rain and it was beautiful I felt the spots on my skin and I felt so alive and present. Then the weather turned without much notice and I was caught in a storm. I found myself running to get cover. I ran/walked into a panel beaters and asked it if I could wait out the storm here. They saw how pregnant I was and asked ‘would I like a coffee?’ and said ‘don’t worry we will drive you home’. The kindness and generosity was beautiful which I accepted. Note to self in future, I must check the weather forecast before heading out for my walk next time. lol

3rd trimester has been fun. Its very obvious Im pregnant, Im enjoying food and everyone getting excited about the baby. I had a baby shower with my close friends and we played some games and relaxed in a beer garden. I finished up work at 34 weeks as I was getting puffed out and was suffering from palpitations with some dizziness. Since finishing work things settle down and I have had a big clean out of my apartment. Donating clothes, throughing out paperwork, filing, fixing photo albums and getting the house as baby ready as possible. Ive also organise to catch up with friends and family to enjoy their time without any distractions. It really has been a very enjoyable and productive time. They say it is important to enjoy this time before the baby arrives and grieve your old life. Im guessing Il will get the full impact of why this is so important once our baby arrives.

We had our last check up with the physician and got the all clear at 36 weeks to continue to be looked after by the midwives. We had an ultrasound which showed that everything was normal, our baby had turned, the placenta looks healthy and the baby is a good size. Such a relief, I also had a blood test that day which showed I had very low iron. Which explains why Ive been crying at the tv, feeling very low in mood and getting super tired and puffed after my morning walks. I would highly recommend reporting these symptoms to your doctor or nurse sooner as this for me had been going on for atleast a few weeks untreated. Remember never self diagnose or take iron supplements without medical supervision as high levels of iron can be toxic.

So for treatment I was recommended to take ferro grad plus Vitamin C 1-2 tablets every second day for better absorption and to increase iron in my diet. So that day I went shopping and cooked up a big batch of spaghetti bolognese to help. Ive left you my recipe below! Ive also heard iron melts are also a good supplement. And for a natural alternative I also purchased natural mineral drink online for additional support, which I take 10mls three times a day.

Other helpful websites that have more information about healthy eating and good source of iron include:

the better health channel and

healthy eating during pregnancy; which gives advice on eating for mother and baby

And to support your symptoms during this time or if you need someone to talk too,

Panda; is a free counselling service for antenatal depression and anxiety, guys can call this service too and

Beyond Blue; is another helpful support guide for emotional health and wellbeing.

Im 38 weeks now so my baby is classed as term and Im now looking for ways to prepare for labour, the best thing Ive brought so far for this is my exercise ball. Its so comfortable to sit on and I can use it during labour. Remember gravity is our friend. Ive been advised that massaging your perineum with a little bit of moisturiser/oil can help to prevent tearing. It is now safe for me to start expressing and the latest research has shown that expressing is more effective at bringing on labour than sex or eating curries. However personal choice. Don’t forget that if you do start to express to label and freeze the colostrum. It is liquid gold and keeps for 3 months in the freezer and is good for 3 days at room temperature. For more education and support regarding breast feeding please visit the Australian Breastfeeding Association, talk to your midwife, your obstetrician or lactation consultant. Lastly taking care of your pelvic floor is so important, try to make a habit of doing exercises everyday to maintain good bladder habits and improve bladder control. If you are needing more support please refer to the continence foundation for more information, your midwife, obstetrician or physio.

Remember enjoy these last few days/weeks preparing, relax, treat yourself and enjoy your time as you will never get it back. I wish you a very safe birth when it happens and a healthy baby.

Lots of love

Sheridan x

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Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe


500g of mince

1 tub of tomatoe paste

2 tins of tomatoes

2 carrots cut into small pieces

1 capsicum cut into small pieces

1 cup of beans/broccoli

Salt n pepper

Italian herbs

Two hand fulls of fettuccine/spaghetti pasta (put in boiling water for 13mins for al dente)

Grated cheese optional


Add cooking oil to the pan wait til hot then add the mince and cook until brown, drain off excess water, then add the tomatoe paste and the two tins of tomatoes. Break up the tomatoes with a wooden spoon to make the sauce and add the veggies, italian herbs and salt n pepper to taste. Simmer and stir for another 10-15mins. Cook the pasta for 13mins during this time. Then drain the pasta and grab a couple of plates and containers as you will have lots of left overs. Put the pasta on the plate, add the mince and veggie sauce and cheese to taste on top. Hope you enjoy!

Serves 4-5

Cooking/preparation time 25-30mins

Time to pack my bags. So what do we need to take to the hospital?!

Time to pack my bags. So what do we need to take to the hospital?!

Time to pack my bags. So what do we need to take to the hospital?!

It was after my last session on how to care for the arrival of our little baby that I realised, yep I need to pack my bags, it wont be long now and I need to be prepared to go. They covered this in great detailed at our education session but Id like to share my flavour on it just for you.

I started by getting out a large suit case and a small carry bag. Remember Im packing for 3. Pete, baby and myself. Then I gathered out what I thought I needed onto the spare bed and laided it all out so I could see. The big bag is for pete and I and the small carry bag is for the baby.

So where to start? Packing its first bag, this is exciting. Lots of little cute things, make sure you have everything washed and ready to wear. I started by picking out our first babies outfit. So when choosing this outfit you need to think layers. So nappy, singlet, grow suit, something that covers the hands, bonds ones are good for this, a little hat to keep its head warm, thanks mum for knitting us one and a swaddle. Once you work out what you are going to choose you may want to run it past your significant other or support person as they may want to be involved in this moment. Now I put that in a little clear bag of its own and labelled it 1st babies outfit, so if we don’t get to dress our baby for the first time, the nurses will be able to take care of it for us. So for the rest of our stay the baby will realistically need 4-5 changes whilst in the hospital, so you will need to pack a packet of newborn nappies, a packet of wipes, four singlets, two hats, five night gowns/grow suits, three bunny rugs including one thinker blanket, two pairs of mittens, socks/booties. I also included gaia baby wash, baby powder and sudocrem.

If planning to formula feed you will need to bring the following equipment with you for your hospital stay. 6 sterilised bottles, teats and lids, 1 tin of your chosen formula, sterilser- a microwave steam steriliser is recommended.

Okay now for the labour, well we don’t know when this is going to start but you want to be comfortable for when it does. I treated myself to a loose fitted nightgown with a matching dressing gown. So if I get down to wearing nothing the dressing gown will be easy to put on and give me some coverage. A loose fitted T- shirt or button up shirt would do the trick too. Don’t forget to pack your camera, your music with portable speaker and portable charger. Otherwise most hospitals require electrical equipment to be tested by their engineer department before you can use it. Which you can organise in the weeks before hand. Other items you may wish to include and I would highly recommend is some massage oil, gel heat/cold packs, vomit bags, pads, lip balm and some high energy food and drinks especially for your support person. I put in some redskins and lollie pops to suck on as a treat. Bathers and towel is also recommended for partners if using the bath or going into the shower as there is only one nakes person aloud.

After the birth, you and your support person will want a change of clothes, something casual and comfortable, you will need a dressing gown and slippers or shoes. Some high waisted underwear atleast a couple of pairs for each day. Two maternity bras and nursing pads. Atleast 2-3 packets of thick maternity pad. Your pjs or nightgown that opens at the front for breast feeding and your toiletries. Treat yourself to a new set of toiletries and have them ready to go in the bag including a tooth brush for your support person. I’ve packed shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, antiperspirant, toothpaste, toothbrush and bodywash. I was also recommended to include lanolin to start using straight away after you breast feed to help sooth, protect and heal cracked nipples. Make-up, not all of you will wear it but for those of you who wear it daily, I suggest you have your daily make-up packed in a bag that can be grabbed from the bathroom nice and easy. Lots of photos will be taken of you and your new little bub and if this is something you wear daily you may feel naked without it.

Other things you will need to do to help you prepare is put some plastic bags/covers and towels in the car. I have already put mine on the seats ready to go. You will need your medicare card and health care card handy to take to the hospital along with your record of your birth plan and health care record of your pregnancy. Before you are able to leave the hospital you will need to have an approved car restraint fitted. Here is the link for safety advice for using infant restraints. If you get a certificate of approval for your car seat restraint take that into the hospital too. You may wish to cook some meals and put them in the freezer for when you get home and your baby will need a place to sleep when it arrives. So time to make its bed, remembering no pillows or toys in the bassinet. For more information on how to sleep baby safely and avoid sleep accidents visit Rednose (sids and Kids).

Hope that helps…..Now the waiting game begins.

Love and best wishes to you all.

Sheridan x

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Planning for maternity leave and how I saved money!

Planning for maternity leave and how I saved money!

Planning for maternity leave and how I saved money! This is a bit of a daughting subject isn’t it, money! And an important one at the same time. Firstly, I just want to say Congratulations! You are having a baby and preparing for maternity leave. It is really a gift and such wonderful news! There is alot to get your head around tho and I can’t helped but feel a little bit stressed about surviving whilst on maternity leave. So I’m going to share with you some of the things I’ve done to save money and to get ready to be in the best financial position as possible.

Firstly find out what your maternity leave entitlements are, from your work. For me because I work full time as a nurse, have been in this current job longer than 3 years, I am entitled to 10 weeks maternity leave at full pay, after that time the australian government currently supports us for a further 18 weeks at the weekly national minimum wage. Click the link for current information about how to get the australian parental leave pay. You will need to do some reading and attend a local centre link to get access to fill out the my gov forms online, once you have access there is a fair bit of information required to get the ball rolling, so I recommend you do it on a day when you have 2-3 hours to spare and complete the questions in the centre so if anything pops up you can get the help you need straight away. You can start the application 3 months before your due date.

The second thing I did was complete and submit my tax. Any money returned here can be used to pay off debts and or be put into savings. Thats right yep it’s that time of year again and we all know we need to do this every year. It’s funny how each year it comes around like a dreaded surprise. Start the new financial year off with better accounting keeping to decrease stress for the following year, if you have a business try xero, a great way to keep track of your transations and receipts. Otherwise if you have an excel spread sheet you could use or a log book or a system that already works, then use that. The most important thing here is to keep track.

Next review your bank accounts- look at all the transations that are coming out, magazine subscriptions, union memberships, put them on hold for the duration of your leave, look at other accounts like netflix, stan, amazon. Call and cancel any uneccessary subscriptions immediately. I was paying amazon $14 a month for a service I wasn’t using. Its amazing what you will find. SAVINGS!!

Consolidate your loans, this may take a while to organise, but you can save $1000 of dollars by consolidating your loans with lower interest rates and decreasing your repayments. Plus if you do it before the time the next repayment is due to come out. Often when a new loan is set up, the first repayment doesn’t come out for a month. So you can use this extra money to pay off any debt you have or to SAVE!!!

Cut up your credit card!! Cancel any direct debts you have set up on it and pay it off. The interest you are paying here will more than likely be the highest out of all of your loans. See if you can do a balance transfer onto a new credit card or personal loan with atleast a 12 month interest free period. Otherwise just make it a priority to pay it off as fast as you can.

Draw up a monthly budget. Know what your income will be. Work out what your out goings will be, how much you will need to live on, including bills. Allow for spending money, nobody likes to not have spending money, especially with a new growing baby. Work out how much you can save and finally how much debt you can pay each month. Remember the faster you pay off your debt the less interest you will pay and the more money you will save in the long run. I highly recommend listening to The Barefoot Investor for detailed and sound advise on setting this all up. If you can’t last for three to six months without a job you definately need to prioritise this area of your life.

Finally as exciting as it is to bring a new life into the world. Try to avoid temptation spending. You will be amazed at how tempting it is the buy the lastest and greatest for your new little bub, ofcourse I know the feeling, I want the best for my baby too. However you will be amazed at how little they need and how much you can save by borrowing or hiring items that the baby will only use for a short period of time. Already I have borrowed a basinet and a cot and hired a baby car seat for the first 6 months. Keep things simple and buy only as you need.

Much love always

Sheridan x

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The bliss of the 2nd trimester!

The bliss of the 2nd trimester!

The bliss of the 2nd trimester!

Wow we made it through the first trimester and what a challenge!! Working full time, keep up appearances, keeping our secret, getting through the genetic testing, blood tests and scans. It’s a relief to be finally comfortable sharing our baby news. To say it was a battle would be an understatement, I was more sensitive, waking up dizzy in the mornings and feeling nauseated unless I ate every couple of hours. Preparation was key. Packed lunches, snacks and having my water bottle handy at all times was key.

13 weeks has flown by and we are very lucky to say that from this point on, it has been like a switch has flicked. Now I feel well enough to really look at what has suffered during this time…. Exercise was a clear one despite keeping up dancing commitments, gym and running has fallen away. We had our first check up with the hospital, it was very exciting hearing our babies heart beat and see our baby at our 20 week ultrasound. However the advice was to try stay active. I needed a way to get motivate and keep track of how much exercise I was doing so I re engaged using the remindmylife app to keep track. Walking for 45 minutes was more comfortable than running for 20 and doing light weights has kepted my muscles engaged. We also started swimming, its been nice for my partner to do this with us as he also gets to experience the baby kicking with some tummy to tummy time.

Its been really important to me to keep my partner involved as much as possible with how Im feeling and stay connected through this wonderful process. The baby kick all throughout the day. But especially early in the morning and late at night when Im lying down. They say an active baby is a healthy baby and a healthy baby will usually move at least 10 times in two hours when it is awake and can sleep for up to 40 minutes at a time, so ladies its time to be aware. And you should start to take note regularly after 28 weeks.

Im starting to show now, my tummy is growing and everyone is noticing. Be ready for all kinds of compliements and random strangers wanting to saying hi and to touch your tummy tho. Ive found its usually been, already grand-parents who also love sharing their stories of their children and their children’s, children. Its really sweet and another opportunity to acknowledge your baby, so enjoy.

Sleeping on my tummy is now impossible, some of you wont have this problem but for the tummy sleepers, there is heaps of maternity pillows on the market to choose from, to help you sleep side to side, which also can double up later as breast feeding pillows. I’ve managed so far with just our spare, it really is a personal choice.

From time to time, Ive also suffered from leg cramps. Possible from drinking too much water. So Ive introduced a magnesium supplement and 1/2 of a banana smoothie into my diet each day and this has really decreased the instances of cramps for me. My physician also reassures me that there is nothing else for me to do. Please note tho, you should always check with your doctor if you have any concerns and before starting any new supplements.

Preparing a for our future maternity leave is now a priority. Paying off debt, doing our tax and getting our finances in order which has required time and preparation and Il talk more about how we saved money in my next blog.

Til then enjoy your growing baby and keep active.

Much love

Sheridan x


Let’s start the journey!

Let’s start the journey!

Let’s start the journey!

Remindmylife is all about starting fresh. Not starting again. Starting where you are right now and making it better! To start fresh, it’s helpful to clear out some of the old. Taking time out for a fresh clean of your house and going through your cupboards and donating clothes can be all you need to start fresh. However don’t get caught holding onto things from the past during this process. Its a trap! The idea is to clear the space and make room to grow.

How can I start my journey of creating a better life. By using Remindmylife you can start fresh through tracking your time, already you will have an established routine in place. One you may not even be aware of. Knowing where you spend most of your time and how much, is powerful as you can use this information to uncover what areas you want or need to work on. Remindmylife keeps things simple by only tracking six areas of life. How much time you spend preparing and eating food. How much time you exercise. How much time you sleep. How much time you work. How much time you meditate and how much Free Time you have for friends, family, games and or going out an about.

Some of your life will really work and some areas of your life wont and thats where you want to make the change. Its helpful to write both down, what works and what doesn’t, so you are clear. At Remindmylife we really understand that everyone wants more free time, to relax and have fun. However no body wants to do the work, have the conversations, make the tough calls or change anything. I can hear you pipe up and say thats not true. But here you are searching for an easy solution. Well the truth is there is no easy solution and you will have to make some tough calls and do some work. Breaking old habits takes consistant action and as you start to really look at where you spend your time it may really piss you off. So to avoid this you will really need to stay focused on what brings you joy, peace and love. And say goodbye to hopelessness, frustration and things that drain you.

Life is just now and only now and being present to that is key to accessing your joy. But you want more of it, I can hear you say, well you need to stop procrastinating and wake up. Wake up to where you are wasting your time and access your joy. You can use the remindmylife app to track your day and practice being present. Everytime you remember to press the timer is one step closer to being present. However, being present takes time, so tracking what you are doing is a great place to start.

Let’s continue to start fresh and maximise your experience of life, by focusing on just 3 key areas, 2 and 1/2 hours of your day as a piority to help you look after yourself and increase your overall enjoyment and wellbeing. Eating and preparing food, exercising and meditating. By being responsible for these three key areas as a piority, you will be able to improve your overall health and well-being and increase the time you have to enjoy and do other things.

Evidence shows that if you prepare your own food at home, you will tend to eat significantly higher amounts of vegetables, salads and fruits. This is great for weight loss and for getting the necessary vitamins and nutients for a healthy body. So all you have to do is simple allocate atleast 1/2 an hour twice a day to prepare food for the day. What’s also helpful here is making sure you have the right ingredients in your house to do this, so once or twice a week write a list, stick to your list and never shop when you are hungry.

Exercising for 45 minutes most days isn’t alot of time to stay healthy. Walking is a great place to start. Mixing it up with muscle strengthening exercises twice a week will also increase strength, bone desity and weight loss. It’s all about creating the habit of being active and getting the benefits from the release of the good hormones. Our bodies need a full work out, so make sure you involve all major muscle groups, but it doesn’t matter what you do. If you are exercising at a higher intensity you wont need to work out as long for the same health benefits but again its all about creating the healthy habit and routine. So work out your schedule at the start of the week and stick to it. No excuses, breaking your word to yourself is the easiest way to take you out of the game. Track your time with the remindmylife app and make the habit apart of your routine. Shift your focus from what you are doing to making the time to do it.

Meditation, what a scary word. Why would I want to sit still and hear the thousands of thoughts instructing me to do a thousand things on loud speaker when I could be doing them. Well, the good news is they are just thoughts, not all those things need to be done and with practice will have no power over you. Meditation can actually be used to achieve mental clarity and emotionally calm states. It is just a word to describe how an individual can use a technique, such as focusing on an object, a word, a thought or an activity to achieve a clear mind. Some of the other benefits include stress reduction, increase productivity, increased focus, increase creativity, emotional balance, decreased depression, pain reduction and improved sleep to name a few. That is why remindmylife values and encourages taking atleast 22 minutes everyday to practice meditation.

Today I’ve really focused on starting your journey, being present, tracking where you are and shifting the balance in your favour in three key areas. Imagine if you just mastered those 2 and 1/2 hours everyday. Imagine how you would feel! Imagine how much more time you would have to enjoy and focused on what brings you joy, peace and love. So let’s start the journey, what are you going to work on?

Sheridan x

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Getting through the first 13 weeks of pregnancy!

Getting through the first 13 weeks of pregnancy!

Getting through the first 13 weeks of pregnancy!

There is alot they don’t tell you about pregnancy, feeling nauseated and or sick was about the limit of what I knew before finding out. Swollen boobs, dizziness, bloating, belching, constipation, sore teeth, reflux and cramps were a few of the unexpected added delights. So Im going to share with you about my journey and how I dealt with these unexpected pleasures.

It was a beautiful easter sunday, camped by the river, the sun was shining and the family was gathering. I was walking through the scrub to check on how the spit was coming along for tonights feast and for the first time I felt nauseated. It was out of character, I hadn’t had much to drink the previous night so I headed back to camp and had some breakfast. Funny enough it went away. Afternoon came and it was back, I had some easter chocolates and again it went away. This was the first time I thought ‘this is strange, could it be?’. With no way of testing the wait started until our return to the city.

So fast forward to pulling up in our drive way, I headed straight for the bathroom cabanet and pulled out a pregnancy test and waited, nothing at first, except one line. Then I found myself willing the second line to come to explain my symptoms. Then slowly after a couple of minutes a second faint line appeared. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was I imagining it?? I was pregnant.

It had happened so quickly. I was 37 years old and we had only been trying for three months. We just finished competing at the australian dance sport championships when I decided we should start to try. Already being in pretty good health, I just started to taking pregnancy multi vitamins, Folate and Fountain of life (an antioxidant). I continued to exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, work full time, socialize and to my surprise, it happened!

So what next, I called my mum and told work. I had to be moved out of all the X Ray rooms to protect my baby. I stopped drinking, that was easy as I wasn’t a big drinker anyway, but I needed more advice. So I made a doctors appointment to confirm and get the advise I needed. Things to avoid sushi, unpasturised milk and cheeses, deli meats, soft serve ice cream, dips and salad dressings in which vegetables may have been dipped, raw vegetable garnishes, ready to eat seafood, pre-prepared or pre packaged fruit and vegetables including those available from buffets, salad bars and sandwich bars. It was more important than ever to freshly prepare food ready to eat immediatedly. For an extensive list of do’s and don’t you should contact your local doctor, specialist, community health centre or maternal and child health nurse and for more information visit these websites or

So after finding out all the rules for safe foods to eat, safe food handling and storage. I was good to go again atleast until I got sore teeth. So off to the dentist I went. I would highly recommend doing this every year and especially before you start to try. As a suffer of sensitive teeth already, pregnancy made this worse. Thank goodness for Michael my amazing dentist who saw me quickly and advised Sensitive Pro Relief tooth paste, my teeth were back to normal in days.

From 7-8 weeks with all the hormone changes and the increase of progesterone, I have been dealing with a constant battle of belching, constipation and bloating. Its lucky for me as many of my nursing colleges have walked this path before me. They haven’t hesitated in sharing their tips and tricks, Metamucil and prune juice are now my new friends, going for a walk after eating and taking the occasional dose of mylanta have all contributed to getting me through.

By 13 weeks my boobs have now doubled in size, so it’s been neccessary to buy a couple of new bra’s, pants and tops to accomodate the increasing size of my body which thankfully my partner has found very attractive. I’m embracing my new body and all the body changes it is going through and rub my belly with moisturizer each day to help with stretch marks, some use bio oil. The time feels like it has flown and it’s a real blessing I get to grow this little miracle inside of me.

Much love always,

Sheridan x

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Unable to reply to review’s!! There is no bad reviews….

Unable to reply to review’s!! There is no bad reviews….

Unable to reply to reviews!! There is no bad reviews….only opportunities to learn.

Firstly Hello @Ugh, thank you for purchasing the remindmylife application and for your feed back of two stars. This review came through on the app store and Im unable to reply to it. So I have choosen to use this platform to reply. Ive learnt that there is no such thing as bad reviews only opportunities to learn. So hopefully this will be helpful to many of our other users too.

So here we go…You said ‘if you tap on a tile to view it, it just starts a counter’. This is what it is design to do. As described in the description ‘the honeycomb tile is designed to count how long you are spending in that area until you switch to another area’. Yes that’s right you can’t stop it ticking!!! This is because time doesn’t wait for anyone. Remindmylife is designed to track time even when you are doing nothing, so whilst some of you may need more thinking time than others, select free time! Give yourself the time to work out what you want to do in your free time. Free time is when you are inbetween work or eating or exercising or meditiating or sleeping, and when you are on social media, watching tv, hanging out with friends or just dreaming up a great life!! Its amazing how much of it, adds up!!!

You made a comment on user flexibility. I have not automated user habits of their phone, as its more of the same practice of putting ourselves to sleep. Instead remindmylife is designed to practice conscious awareness. Which means you will have to practice being present in every moment of the day and remember to select the next area when you change what you are doing. This should only take a second of your day by opening the app and pressing the next area on the honeycomb screen. However this may not be easy for the first couple of weeks because its new and you will have to take the action to obtain the stats in the areas. The good news is if you forget to press on an area in the past you can go to the completed section (past events only) of the reminders page and amend entries. (Reminders are under the reminders icon at the foot of the page in the bottom margin).

The app has been designed around having a PAST (which show’s up under the COMPLETED section of the reminders icon), being in the PRESENT (which means you select what you are currently doing, for example for me right now its WORK. The tile is selected on the AREAS screen ‘looks like a honeycomb’ and it actively ‘counts’ what you are doing in the present) and planning the FUTURE (which is what you put in your SCHEDULE for your future under the reminders icon).

The areas are labels specifically to be quite broad in nature; so that everyone can count where they are spending most of their time. Here are the areas again and break down of how they were intended to be used.

Food- Which includes preparation time and eating.

Sleep- From the point of turning off the light, relaxing and counting sheep

Work- Which includes working, running eran’s or going to school

Meditation- Which includes sitting quitely, practicing mindfulness or running a bath and taking time out for yourself.

Free Time- which includes cleaning up, shopping, daily chores, having fun, soical media, watching tv, socialising or reading a book the list goes on!!!

Exercise- which includes weight bearing and cardio vascular activity.

Everyone’s lives are so different, with what they do and when they do it. So we have choosen to use broard term to incompass ones life. Instead of getting bogged down by the finer detail.

Remindmylife app is about removing what is automatic in our lives and waking up our conscious awareness around time, where you spend your time most and being present in every moment. The idea of mapping out where time is spent in ones life, is useful for identifying habits that work and don’t work for us. Once identified it is up to us to change or remove those habits from our day by practicing being present and planning the future.

We have created a guide that underpins all time that is enter, to give you feed back. This is done through three colour indicators RED, ORANGE and GREEN. These three colours have the following meaning.

Red-meaning this isn’t good, this area needs your attention

Orange- meaning you are doing okay, but you could try harder

Green – meaning fantastic you are doing a great job.

I apologies for some of the labels being confusing or for the instruction not being clear when you downloaded the remindmylife application. We are working on the user design creating new labels for icons to iron out any confusion. With regards to your comment of ‘it isn’t really tracking when you’re really doing it among other things’ hopefully i have answered that in my response above.

However if you feel it was more of a technical or programming issue you encountered please download the latest version, you won’t be charge for deleting and downloading the latest version and if the issue is still there please let us know by sending us the details to We will do our best to follow and fix the issue asap.

Thank you again. I really appreciate your support and feedback. Details of the full review are below and for more information please visit

Warmest Regards




I’m trying to track my day and what I do so I purchased this app…. and this thing makes no sense plus there 0 flexibility! If you tap on tile to view it, it just starts a counter and isn’t really tracking when you’re really doing it among other things! Holding onto the sop and hoping they work the kinks out….

Five steps to keeping your new years resolution!!

Five steps to keeping your new years resolution!!

Make a new years resolution! Don’t be scared, throw your hat over the wall, its fun and can be exciting! 2018 should be the best year, set up by your new years resolutions! So why is it, after years of making them that, they don’t get lit?!

Understanding why is key to Success! Did you know that when you make a newyears resolution you are shining a light on the problem! Nothing wrong with that. Because when you shine a light on an area of life you want to change, everything about that will show up. Say for instance you want to care less about what people think or want to get engaged and he is not asking or you simply want to be less annoyed at people. Its like the opposite happens. People start to annoy you, he never asks you to marry him and everyones opinions are on loud speaker. lol So how do we make it to the other side?

Start by putting what you want out into the universe, be brave and tell people what you wish for. Get it out there, take a risk and share what you want! Its in the conversations youtransform!

Success is in creating a new way of being or saying to deal with what you want, ‘the not caring’, ‘being engaged’ and ‘being annoyed’ like replacing it with the thoughts that ‘I am free to be and act anyway I want, Im free’, ‘if you like it put a ring on it’ or ‘Im flexible and adaptable’. Being able to shake off peoples opinions like throwing a grain of salt over your shoulder is key. If you can bring no attachment to the outcome and focus on yourself and your own thoughts you will succeed!! Here are the five steps to keeping your new years resolution;

Step 1 Make a new years resolution

Step 2 Tell someone about it so you are in the conversation to change

Step 3 Get ready for it to show up everywhere

Step 4 Create a new way of being or saying to overcome or replace old thoughts

Step 5 Repeat.

For tips and tricks visit my website & download the remindmylife app on itunes!

Love, Health and Success to you all for 2018!

Sheridan x

Does freedom come from organisation? Start the new year with a spring clean!

Does freedom come from organisation? Start the new year with a spring clean!

Does freedom come with organisation? When I googled Freedom, freedom the furniture store came up but thats not the freedom I want to talk about today. The freedom I want to talk about doesn’t come from doing nothing either. Freedom is by definition to act, speak, or think as one wants? And who here feels like you have so much going on that freedom has become a distant friend. What if freedom could be obtained through organisation? Even just a little bit. What if for the next few days before this year ends you just focused on getting organised. Would that mean you would have more freedom?

Here are a few of my tips for getting organised for 2018.

Start with spring cleaning the house, yep the bathroom, kitchen and lounge. Get the mop and bucket out, dust and clean the house. Allow at least-3 hours of free time to do this.

Have a break then, head to the bedroom. Go directly to the closet. Get ruthless, pull out and tidy up your clothes and donate a bag to charity. You will feel great and if you haven’t wore it in the last two years, its likely you wont in the next.

For those of you traditionally shopping at the boxing day sales now reading this, go treat yourself to some new sheets. Going to sleep in new sheets is a great way to start a healthy sleep habit for the new year and clean out the closet when you get home.

Okay you are half way there. Keep going you are doing fantastic!! Now for the big one head to your desk or should I say virtual desk. Yes the one with all the emails, papers and bills, the one you have been wanting to ignore. Go through them, delete them, sign them, pay them, address them. And if you can’t deal with them put them in order and start dealing with them one at a time, starting tomorrow. But get it done before the year is out. You have time!

Have something to eat now you deserve it. But keep the momentum going and whilst you are standing there with the door open clean out all of the out of date food and dressings you have in there. Look in the cupboard too, wipe them out and group things together so there is space to see what you have.

Now its time for a walk, take the kids out of the house for an hour and try spot a few birds in the trees, listen for their whistles. They are there trust me. And when you get home run yourself a bath or have a shower, the point is to take time out for yourself, manscape, paint your nails.

Lastly, poor yourself your favorite drink and pat yourself on the back. You deserve it! Hopefully you are now starting to get a sense of freedom, even if it’s just a little bit.

Lots of love

Sheri x